Pilot SURF video calling discontinues

SURF will discontinue the SURF video call pilot per 1-1-2021. The SURF Portfolio Advisory Council no longer considers it an added value; institutions are satisfied with their existing and available videoconferencing services.
Pilot SURF Videobellen

Just a few more figures to say goodbye to:

  • In 2020 we had 15,030 logins of 3,046 unique users (i.e. 3,046 users started 15,030 calls).
  • On average, there were about 2.5 people in a conversation; so in 2020, the SURF pilot project had more than 35,000 participants! 

What should I do now?

Prepare yourself for another way of videoconferencing, now that you can no longer rely on SURF videoconferencing from January onwards. See the overview Live online sessions at Overview tools for online education. Did you appreciate the privacy terms and conditions of SURF videoconferencing? If so, read the blog post (in Dutch) Keuzehulp privacy bij videobel-apps.