Pilot: SURFdrive for students

Find out about the convenience of SURFdrive and sign up for the pilot: SURFdrive for students! In this pilot, we will investigate how we can make good use of IRMA within SURF and put it to the test with the SURFdrive service. During the pilot period you will receive 50GB for free. Join quickly; the number of accounts is limited!
Student werkt vanuit huis

Privacy friendly log in with IRMA

With IRMA you log in to various services in a privacy friendly way and only release relevant properties (called attributes). IRMA is short for: I Reveal My Attributes. In the IRMA app on your mobile phone you create a so-called 'attributes passport'. When logging in or digitally signing in, you only show the attributes you wish to release. For example, your age or your e-mail address. SURF collaborates with IRMA on various applications and investigates how IRMA is valuable within the SURF environment.

SURFdrive pilot

We are starting a pilot with the SURFdrive service and IRMA. SURFdrive was already available to staff members at a large number of institutions; SURF now wants students to discover the convenience of SURFdrive too. Join this pilot via SURFspot, free of charge!

What do you get?

Access to SURFdrive, the personal cloud storage service for education and research in the Netherlands. During the pilot period (ending in April 2021) you will have free access to 50GB.

What do you need to do?

Go to SURFspot now and purchase SURFdrive, free of charge. Please note: there are only 500 accounts available, so don't wait too long! Also take a look at the terms and conditions (in Dutch).