SURF and QuTech collaborate on quantum technology

QuTech (a partnership between Delft University of Technology and TNO) and SURF are to intensify their collaboration in the field of quantum technology. For instance, by sharing the SURF high-performance computing systems for quantum simulations, and partnering in various projects such as the H2020 Quantum Internet Alliance.
Compute racks in een datacenter

The collaboration recognises current activities and commits to future activities, like supporting the backend of QuTech’s demonstrators with a SURF supercomputer, jointly developing and enabling hybrid quantum computations, developing an orchestrator for quantum networks and partnering in various projects.

Quantum technology will have a major impact on future networking and future computing. SURF recognises this impact and joins the ranks with QuTech. The purpose of the collaboration is to align strategy and define and pursue collaboration opportunities with the overall goal to strengthen the NL leadership in Quantum Technology and its applications, and help build an economic footprint on that basis.

Common interests

Currently, one common interest of SURF and QuTech is the combination of quantum computing and high-performance computing (HPC). This leverages the strength of quantum computing in general in areas of quantum emulation, hybrid quantum computing (connecting quantum systems with HPC systems, i.e. through Quantum Inspire), quantum applications development and execution.

Another common interest is the area of quantum internet, specifically in the development and implementation of an operational quantum internet through relevant use cases and increased market development, and its future co-existing relation to the classical regular internet infrastructure and user community.

Joint activities

Practically, SURF and QuTech already pursue a number of joint activities. For example, SURF supports the 34-qubit QX quantum simulator backend of QuTech’s Quantum Inspire platform with one of the SURF HPC systems. Also, QuTech and SURF are developing and enabling hybrid quantum computations connecting SURF HPC systems for classical simulations and QuTech HW backends in Quantum Inspire for quantum calculations. Furthermore SURF and QuTech are jointly working on an orchestrator design for network operators that will enable quantum network services.

SURF and QuTech are both partnering in various projects, like the H2020 Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) project, and the TKI Quantum Internet Randstad project.