SURF signs renewal of network cooperation between Asia-Pacific and Europe

On March 7, the successful Asia-Pacific Europe Ring (AER) will be officially renewed. This will further develop and expand the network capacity between advanced research and education networks (NRENs). SURF signed this extension to keep the Netherlands optimally connected to research and education networks worldwide.
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Working with institutes in the Asia-Pacific region is extremely important for SURF's members. We are excited that this group of world leading R&E network organisations is showing the power of collaboration by making another step in bringing the two continents digitally closer.
Jet de Ranitz, CEO van SURF

Asia-Pacific- Europe Ring (AER) Cooperation

After 3 years of collaboration on the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring (AER), participating NRENs are extending the underlying Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on March 7, during a virtual signing ceremony at the APAN53 conference in Bangladesh. This extension broadens cooperation between regions in Europe and Asia-Pacific, but also adds new members, such as HARNET (Hong Kong) and KAUST (Saudi Arabia).

Bandwidth doubled worldwide

The new MoU doubles the bandwidth of the AER. The agreement not only allows for multiple network paths. It also provides backup connectivity in the event of network outages on one of those paths. The collaboration also includes coordinating management activities, introducing emerging network technologies, and supporting bandwidth-hungry applications. This collaboration will create a highly resilient, high-speed network service system for research and education, not only for researchers and academics in the regions of participating countries, but worldwide.

More information

Read more about the signing of the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring (AER) in the press release.

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