SURF tests possibilities of 5G network on campus in Groningen

SURF is researching potential 5G applications for the benefit of education and research institutions. As part of these efforts, we are taking part in the 5Groningen project and setting up a smart campus testbed. Within the 5Groningen project we, along with 9 other partners, have signed a contract for the next phase of achieving the 5G Fieldlab.

5Groningen Covenant 2018-2020

In early January SURF and 9 other participants in the Dutch 5G testbed in Noord-Groningen signed the 5Groningen Covenant 2018-2020. Over the next 3 years we continue working with TNO, Agentschap Telecom, the University of Groningen (RUG), Hanze University of Applied Sciences and others to make the 5G Fieldlab become a reality.

Smart campus in Groningen

The 5G Lab was opened at the Zernike complex in Groningen; the first site where 5G tests are being carried out with prototypes of new innovations. On the campus we will be setting up a smart campus testbed in partnership with the RUG and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, where many wireless innovations in the field of frequencies, Wi-Fi, 5G and IoT will be tested in practice. We will do so with the aid of education and research specific use-cases. The focus will lie on in-building communication services on campus. We are currently carrying out preparations and will soon start implementing this testbed.

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