The new SURF Magazine is out: what will we do as a cooperative in 2021 and 2022?

In the December edition, the editorial is about the cooperative's plans for 2021 and 2022. The 2-Year Plan 2021-2022 is the outcome of an extensive dialogue we conducted with members in 2020. Divided into 5 sectors, they collected, discussed and described priorities.
SURF Magazine 04-2020 voorpagina

And beyond that, you'll read in this issue:

Voorpagina SURF Magazine 04-2020
  • Since the lockdown in March of this year, students' lives changed dramatically. Three of them tell how they experienced the transition to online education.
  • Procuring cloud services in over 40 countries for some 30,000 institutions in one go. The OCRE tender can rightly be called a giant.
  • Researchers who needed computing facilities for research into covid-19 could apply for them last spring through an accelerated application procedure at SURF and NWO.


SURF Magazine 04-2020