Will you win the Data Mover Challenge?

Do you know how to transport large quantities of data files? The Data Mover Challenge challenges student teams to test advanced and innovative data transfer solutions to send research data worldwide. Are you up to the challenge and will you present your solution at the SupercomputingAsia conference?

Exploring the limits of data transfer

Many groundbreaking research projects require the worldwide sharing of enormous amounts of data or computation. Think of data on weather, space travel or medicines. The National Supercomputing Centre in Singapore is therefore issuing the Data Mover Challenge to experts from industry and research to explore the limits of big data transfer over large distances and at high speeds.

DMC 21

Infrastructure available from SURF and the UvA

As partners in the challenge, the UvA and SURF will make their infrastructure available. For example, the 100G network connections to Singapore, Japan and the Transatlantic System ANA can be used. Moreover, as a participant in the challenge you will have access to Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) including the UvA-managed DTN in Amsterdam. These super-fast DTN servers have been specially developed and configured for the fast transport of big data. In Europe, the connections are connected via SURF's NetherLight node.

More about the Data Mover Challenge

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