NEMO Energizers

The NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam makes the importance of science and technology accessible to everyone.  NEMO has something unique to boost the SURF Research Week.

NEMO gives you a short break with a scientific touch in which a NEMO expert demonstrates interactive experiments live from NEMO and the participants can participate themselves with simple home-garden-and-kitchen utensils.

These NEMO experts are there for you!

Tuesday 13 April:  Meta Lepelaar
Hi, So here’s the Metadata! My name is Meta, I live in Amsterdam with husband, child and two cats. For the past ten years I worked as a guide around and in Amsterdam in the museum world, for the past four years I revel in sharing my enthusiasm for all things science at NEMO Science museum with all creators great and small. So let’s start discovering together. 

Wednesday 14 April: Joris Smaling 
Hello, my name is Joris Smaling. I am an explainer at NEMO Science Museum. I have a background in Live Sciences. I am interested in many branches of science and I enjoy sharing that with the public of the Science Museum in a fun and playful way.

Thursday 15 April: Pietje van Wijngaarden
Hello, my name is Pietje, an explainer at NEMO Science Museum. I aim to arouse curiosity and ask novel questions. Afterall a clever clogs like me never stops learning! Investigating en experimenting everyday life with pantry materials.

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