Open Educational Resources Roadmaps

Making learning materials accessible to everyone. That is our ambition. SURF wants to join forces with educational institutions to stimulate the sharing and reuse of OER. Be inspired by instructors who experiment with the use of OER and share their experiences.

Open leermaterialen
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Introduction to open educational resources

In the Introduction to open educational resources module, you will find everything about sharing, reusing and developing or collecting OER. The module is intended for lecturers, support staff and lecturers' communities to get started.

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Roadmap for developing and sharing your OER

You develop OER that benefit colleagues inside and outside your institution. You then also want to share them openly so that they can inspire your entire community. Read how to do this in the Roadmap for developing and openly sharing your own OER.

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Infographic: Organising OER in your institution

Educational institutions are utilising the opportunities offered by sharing and (re)using OER, but each at its own pace. Because there is a lot involved. This infographic shows the 3 levels at which OER can be used at your institution.

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OER Policy Roadmap

The OER Policy Roadmap (in Dutch) helps you formulate a policy for the sharing and reuse of OER within and outside your institution.

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OER Professional Community Roadmap

When creating, sharing, and reusing OER, collaboration with other teachers is very important. Collaboration becomes easier if there is an active professional community. The OER Professional Community Roadmap (in Dutch) will help you build a community around OER.

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Stappenplan Maak je open tekstboek

Wil je een open tekstboek publiceren binnen het hoger onderwijs? SURF ontwikkelde samen met de zone Naar digitale (open) leermaterialen een stappenplan voor het maken van een open tekstboek. Het bevat good practices, instructies voor en expertise over het publiceren van open tekstboeken.

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Quality Assurance for OER Roadmap

Do you collaborate on building up a collection of open learning materials? Then make sure that the learning materials are of good quality and that they meet the right criteria. Use the Quality Assurance for OER Roadmap when drawing up, implementing and maintaining the quality of OER.

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Professional Vocabulary Roadmap

Do you work in a training association, professional association or professional community and would you like to make OER available as part of this partnership? If so, make sure that the digital learning materials are easy to find. The Professional Vocabulary Roadmap (in Dutch) will help you do this.

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Workshop Development Roadmap

Do you want to speed up the adoption of OER within your institution? Do you want to help lecturers to really get started with them? With the Workshop Development Roadmap, you can set up an online workshop to inspire instructors and help them gain experience. The workshop is also for the supporters.

OER in practice

Lecturers talk about their experiences with the sharing or reuse of OER. These are lecturers who believe in sharing knowledge and make use of each other's expertise. Read about their experiences in OER in practice (in Dutch).

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