OpenConext is the open source software used by SURFnet for the SURFconext service. NRENs, collaborative organisations or other parties can use OpenConext to create their own collaboration infrastructure. Documentation and code for SURFconext components are available via

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Animation on OpenConext

This animation introduces the concepts, practical examples and the OpenConext community. You will find out how OpenConext can be used as a collaboration infrastructure.

Videoblog on OpenConext

Niels van Dijk, an OpenConext technical product manager at SURFnet, explains the importance of the OpenConext open source software for national and international collaboration in education and research.

Facilitating online collaboration

OpenConext provides the building blocks to set up a collaboration infrastructure in which:

  • federated authentication is used to gain access to services and applications that are to be linked;
  • identity providers and service providers can exchange standardised attributes;
  • group information can be exchanged;
  • self-service components can be applied.

Getting started

Visit for more information on OpenConext, documentation and code for SURFconext components. Working with the community, we provide regular updates with code for new components or documentation.