SURFmarket tendering procedures

European legislation obliges institutions to award the purchase of ICT resources through a European tender if the contract exceeds a legal threshold value. Competition is also mandatory for amounts below the threshold. SURFmarket takes the purchasing process off your hands and takes care of the tendering process.

What is tendering?

In short, a tender is the procedure whereby a client announces that he wants to purchase a certain service from a supplier. Interested suppliers can then submit a quotation. The tender closes on a fixed date and the client selects the supplier that best matches the order and needs and awards the order to this supplier. Tendering only takes place when the value of the contract is above the tender limit.

Tenders only take place above the tender limit

Benefits of a purchasing collaboration

The joint tendering of ICT contracts offers institutions several advantages:

  • You can be confident that all contracts you purchase via SURFmarket comply with the most current legislation and regulations;
  • Because of the large volume and the sharing of knowledge, capacity and experience, we guarantee an optimal contract with the best price and conditions;
  • By jointly tendering, you save costs on your own purchasing process;
  • You can leave most of the contract management to SURFmarket.

Tender calendar

You can have a look at our Tender Calendar Tender Calendar in My SURFmarket.  After logging in, the calendar will be visible to SURFmarket contacts. Here you can see all current and future tenders. This allows you to determine in advance which tenders are of interest to you. On this calendar, you can see per ICT category which tenders will start in the next four years and in which phase current tenders are in.

Complaints about tenders

Are you participating in a SURF tendering procedure and do you have a complaint about this? Please read the SURF policy on the handling of procurement complaints (pdf).