Quality assurance of open educational resources

Are you working on open educational resources? Make sure that the learning materials are good quality and that they meet the right criteria. Creating a quality model can help in assessing learning materials. This roadmap will guide you through the different steps to create, implement and maintain a quality model for open educational resources.

Hard werkende studenten in bibliotheek

Step 2. Create a project team

You build the project team who will be responsible for creating the quality model. The team must represent the scope, the goal and the target group for whom the model is.

    Consider the following points when setting up the team:

    • You want the target group to adopt and use the model frequently. It is therefore good to have one or, even better, several educators involved in the project group, who can then act as links to the target group.
    • Ideally there should be someone in the team with specific didactic expertise in creating and deploying digital learning materials.
    • Ensure that the project team has access to people who have knowledge about copyright law. This might be an information specialist (often someone employed in a library) or an employee in the Copyright Information Point within the institution.
    • It is useful to have direct contact with IT experts within the institution, who are familiar with the tools being used.

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