Quality assurance of open educational resources

Are you working on open educational resources? Make sure that the learning materials are good quality and that they meet the right criteria. Creating a quality model can help in assessing learning materials. This roadmap will guide you through the different steps to create, implement and maintain a quality model for open educational resources.

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Step 4. Test the quality model

The initial version of your quality model is now ready. Now you need to test the model on a number of learning material items that have been approved as "good quality" by the project group. Compare the model to the learning materials and check using the model whether you reach the same conclusion. The goal of this test is to find out the following:

  • Have you forgotten any criteria?
  • Have any criteria been made too strict or too mild?
  • Are the criteria easy to understand?
  • Can the criteria be tested effectively and efficiently?
  • Are the criteria up to date?

Use the test results to adjust any points of the model where it is necessary.

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