Report Research support at universities of applied sciences

Research is a relatively new phenomenon in higher professional education. This creates opportunities to provide good support to researchers, for example with a good IT infrastructure. In this report, 5 universities of applied sciences show how they have organized this.

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How to make researchers’ lives easy?

Many universities of applied sciences are currently setting up a structure for research support. In part, they can draw inspiration from the universities, but in part practice-based research also requires its own approach, with other facilities and services. The central question in the organisation of research support is how to make things as easy as possible for researchers, so that they can focus on the research itself.

In this report on research support at universities of applied sciences, 5 universities of applied sciences show how research support is organised at their institution and what the vision behind it is. For this report, we spoke to research supporters, researchers and policy makers.

The report is in Dutch only.

Publication date: 4 July 2019

Onderzoeksondersteuning in het hbo: vijf voorbeelden uit de praktijk