SURF Research Day

Mark your calendar for SURF Research Day 2023. It’s the national conference that connects research, IT and innovation. The event takes place on May 23rd 2023. It's free!

SURF Research Day

Programme - Fast Track Festival

Catering plein 'Stationszijde'

Experience the exciting components of Fast Track Festival! Immerse yourself in a diverse range of poster presentations, booths, demos, lightning talks, an escape room for you to participate in, and an expertise tables where you can engage in conversations with professionals from SURF on a variety of topics and services. Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover, learn, network and have fun with like-minded professionals! 

You can take a break and pick what sessions you want to attend in three rounds of 15 mins! Starting times: 14.20 - 14.40 - 15.00 hrs.

Things to do at the Fast Track Festival from 14.10 - 15.30 hrs

Location Type session Title
Postwagon 1a Lightning talk Demo 'GeRichte Interventies' in Pain Studies
Postwagon 1b Lightning talk Results  DCC-PO projecten
Postwagon 2a Lightning talk Bridging the gap: hosting Linked Open Data for researchers
Postwagon 2b Lightning talk Quantum cryptography for researchers
Werkwagen Lightning talk A digital research environment for every researcher
Houtwagon Connecting expertise Shape the future of Research
Wachtkamer 1 Escape room Gamification of education
Wachtkamer 2 Lightning talk Geo Data Team at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University


Type session Title
Booth Talk to the eScience center
Booth Unleashing the power of Snellius
Demo Get on Board with XR
Expertise table Cloud
Expertise table Easy & secure access management
Expertise table Research data management
Poster session Creating Open Science awareness in nine European universities
Poster session Exploring Quantum Power for your Research
Poster session Get started with Publinova, the new platform for practice-based research
Poster session Re-use of confidential data
Poster session Reimplementing YoDa as an Internal Data Archive for Geosciences (DAG)
Poster session Twi-XL: Using SURF data infrastructures in humanities research