SURF Research Day

Mark your calendar for SURF Research Day 2023. It’s the national conference that connects research, IT and innovation. The event takes place on May 23rd 2023. It's free!

SURF Research Day

Programme SURF Research Day 2023

The theme of the Research Day is “Get on board”: the aim of the day is to connect IT-departments with research support. We have identified 5 tracks: 

  • Research Collaborations: focus on research support, on communities; the organisation of expertise.  
  • Future: tech, process and support 
  • Research IT: focus on tooling, use of cloud and big tech; the organisation of facilities. 
  • Responsible Research: focus on i.e. open science, sustainability, integrity and scarcity   
  • Research Applications: focus on services used in research 

Contribute to the programme  

Which visionary speaker would you like to see on stage at SURF Research Day? What research use case should everyone hear about? Let us know, and we might use your ideas to draw up an unforgettable programme!

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