Roadmap: build a professional community around open education resources

If you create, share and reuse open educational resources, it is absolutely essential to collaborate with other lecturers. Collaboration becomes easier in an active professional community. Use this roadmap to help you build a community around open educational resources. 

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What is a professional community?

A professional community is a partnership between colleagues, inside and outside the educational institution, in which they work together on specific topics or towards certain objectives. Read more about the concept behind the professional community. 

What is the purpose of this roadmap?

This roadmap helps professional communities of collaborating lecturers to launch their joint work on open educational resources. How do you organise a professional community and how do you ensure that members feel engaged and actively contribute?

Who is this roadmap for?

This roadmap is for anyone who wants to create a professional community for the sharing and reuse of educational materials, or who wants to reactivate or boost an existing professional community through open educational resources.

About this roadmap

Complete the following steps to create an active professional community in which members collaborate on a high-quality collection of open educational resources: 

Step 1. Setting up your core team

Step 2. Define your objective and target group

Step 3. Setting up your basic organization

Step 4. Build a collection around the collection of open educational resources

Step 5. Activate, grow and evaluate your community 

Background information and further inspiration can be found at: 

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