Roadmap for the development of the workshop 'Redesign your teaching using open educational resources'

Would you like to speed up the adoption of open educational resources (OER) within your institution? Do you want to help lecturers start with OER? Using this roadmap, you will set up an online workshop which will be your platform to inspire lecturers. The workshop is also for the support specialists: what can they do to lower barriers?

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Step 2. Design the workshop

In this step, you will make a start on designing the workshop by preparing an outline. You will prepare a timeline and think about the time investment for the participants and supporting resources.

De basisopzet van de workshop is als volgt:



Support specialists

Preparatory assignments

(various assignments for both target groups) - step 4

Online sessions: Redesign your teaching using open educational resources - step 5


Online session: Organisation and support of open educational resources - step 5


Online regrouping session - step 6

Prepare an outline or script for the entire process. The online sessions will form the greatest part of this script. Include the following subjects in the outline: 

  • timeline for organising the entire process
  • time investment for the participants
  • supporting resources
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Timeline for organising the process

The week in which you will be hosting the online sessions is labelled as week 1 in the timeline below. Think about when you will hold the workshop. Lecturers often have full diaries, and it will generally be better for them if you organise the workshop in a non-teaching period. There may also be other periods which are convenient for teachers for organising a workshop.

Sample timeline




Start recruitment and open enrolment

Immediately after enrolment

Confirmation email


Enrolment deadline


Welcome email with preparatory assignments


Submission deadline for preparatory assignments


Online sessions

Redesign your teaching using open educational resources

Organisation and support of open educational resources


Follow-up e-mail


Telephone contact for follow-up


Regrouping session



Time investment for participants

If the workshop has been well-prepared and well-organised, the participants will have their expectations met. Determine in advance how much time the various participants will have to invest to attend the workshop. This will help the participants to form a better idea of the workshop. The following estimate was made based on the experiences of the University of Groningen and HAN University of Applied Sciences.



Support specialists

Preparatory assignment 

2 hours

2 hours

Online session: Redesign your teaching

2.5 hours

2.5 hours

Online session: Organisation and support of open educational resources


2.5 hours

Final assignment

To be decided by the participant

To be decided by the participant

Regrouping session

1 hour

1 hour

Total (minimum)

5.5 hours

8 hours

Supporting resources

Things to think about:

  • a place online where you can host the session
  • where and how participants should submit their preparatory assignment 
  • how you will facilitate sharing. This could be a space in the learning environment; it should in any case be a space that all participants have easy access to. You could make a separate page for each subject. It is also a good idea to create a separate space for the support specialists where they can work together on their assignments


  • Create an outline of the entire process. 
  • Prepare a timeline. 
  • Arrange the supporting resources.