Roadmap for the development of the workshop 'Redesign your teaching using open educational resources'

Would you like to speed up the adoption of open educational resources (OER) within your institution? Do you want to help lecturers start with OER? Using this roadmap, you will set up an online workshop which will be your platform to inspire lecturers. The workshop is also for the support specialists: what can they do to lower barriers?

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Make a flying start with open educational resources

Using this roadmap, you will develop an online workshop as a platform where lecturers can get some hands-on experience with OER. The primary goal of the workshop is to enable lecturers to discover that there are plenty of accessible educational resources in the world. We also want to show participants that it makes a lot of sense and is easy to share your own educational resources openly. And we really want to allow lecturers to make a start on redesigning courses using OER.

Steps in this roadmap

Make your way through the following steps to produce a workshop:

Step 1. Define target groups and learning objectives

Step 2. Design the workshop

Step 3. Recruit participants

Step 4. Produce preparatory assignments

Step 5. Organise online meetings

Step 6. Organise regrouping sessions and follow-up

Step 7. Organise a face-to-face workshop

The steps are set out chronologically, except for the final step. Before you start developing the workshop, read through all the steps, so you have a complete picture of how the workshop fits together.

Using this roadmap, you will develop an online workshop as a platform where lecturers can get some hands-on experience with OER.

Online or face-to-face

This roadmap describes the online version of the workshop. In step 7, you will find information to help you adapt this online version for a face-to-face workshop.

For lecturers and support specialists

The primary target group of the workshop is lecturers. However, the workshop is also aimed at policymakers and support specialists within your institution. By giving them an active role and specific assignments during the workshop, they will experience the needs as perceived by lecturers and will know what barriers need removing. The support specialists will then be able to prepare policies and plans to increase the adoption of OER within the institution.

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Who is this roadmap for?

This roadmap is designed for educational support specialists or policymakers within educational institutions who want to raise awareness of OER and improve the support within the institution. You may have been given this as a specific assignment or it might already fit neatly within your job description.

The theme of OER brings together many functions within an educational institution: People in the policymaking department, for instance, or library staff and those working in lecturer professional development. In step 1 of this roadmap you can read more about this. It can be worthwhile to organise the workshop together with one of your indirect colleagues rather than doing it alone.

After you have given this workshop once, it is relatively easy to repeat it as many times as you need and want within your own institution. 

Workshop structure

The workshop you will be developing is a process that includes a preparatory assignment and a number of online meetings:

  • Workshop: Redesign your teaching using learning materials of others (see step 5)
  • Workshop: Organisation and support for open educational resources (see step 5); this one is for support specialists only
  • Regrouping session (see step 6)

Throughout the entire workshop, participants will be working on their own final assignment. Lecturers will be redesigning their teaching practice using OER, while support specialists will work on plans to improve the support provided within the institution.

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This workshop was jointly developed by the University of Groningen and HAN University of Applied Sciences, where it was piloted in 2020. The materials they used can be found in this roadmap and may be reused. Furthermore, cases have been described and the workshop developers have been interviewed:

Adjust all the materials as needed! If the design of the workshop in this roadmap and the materials used do not fit the situation at your institution, adjust them to provide a better fit. 

Estimated time investment for workshop organiser(s)

Together with the University of Groningen and the HAN UAS, we made an estimate of the hours needed for the people who will be organising the workshop.

This estimate applies to the online workshop.


Estimated number of hours

Step 1: Define objectives and target groups

2 hours

Step2: Design a workshop: develop an outline, make a timetable, determine time investment and arrange supporting resources.

10 hours

Step 3: Recruit participants: draft texts, contact communication department/internal training office, contact potential participants.

Consult with support specialists.

4 hours

Step 4: Preparatory assignments: send the assignments out, review the submitted work and search for additional educational resources.

10 hours (depending on the number of participants)

Step 5: Determine the content of online meetings and actually organise them: including preparing and testing the technology. There are 2 sessions:

  • Redesign your teaching
  • Organisation and support of open educational resources.

20 hours 

Step 6: Organise regrouping sessions and follow-up

10 hours (depending on the number of participants)


56 hours (depending on the number of participants)

"There were 17 participants and we received 6 homework assignments. It took about 2 hours per assignment to add comments and suggestions. This was also because we are not subject-matter specialists and had to delve deeper into specific academic topics."
Myroslava Zhuk - University of Groningen

Open workshop resources

The resources we offer in this roadmap can be reused: the idea is for you to adapt them to the situation within your institution.

Detailed workshop for teachers

The Acceleration Plan's Education with Open Educational Resources pilot project has further developed this workshop. The pilot project contains a package with all materials that you as an institution can use to give this workshop yourself within your own institution.


Are you about to make a start with this roadmap and organise a workshop? Why not share your resources to help other institutions make their own start? For assistance with this, please contact Michel Jansen ( or Lieke Rensink (