Services and products

Available services and products: 11

  • BeeHub

    Service/product - BeeHub is a data storage solution that is simple and user-friendly. With this service, you can save and share large volumes of research data. BeeHub is an online service accessible by means of a web interface and a data transfer protocol (WebDAV). Researchers can access BeeHub via SURFconext.

  • Big Data Services

    Service/product - Researchers who need to analyse large amounts of (un)structured data can make use of the SURFsara Big Data services. Several large public data sets and multiple frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Hive, Pig and HBase provide easy to use environments for Big Data analysis.

  • Data Archive

    Service/product - The Data Archive is the centralised location for data archiving and (long-term) storage. You can securely store research data there, even in volumes running into the petabytes. It is possible to shape your data management policy through the use of the EUDAT B2SAFE service. The archive provides quick access to SURFsara's computing facilities.

  • Data Ingest Service

    Service/product - The Data Ingest Service is a SURFsara service for researchers who want to store or analyse large amounts of data at SURFsara. The service is convenient for users who lack sufficient bandwidth or who have stored their data on a number of external hard disks.

  • Data Persistent Identifier

    Service/product - Persistent identifiers (PIDs) ensure the findability of your data, now and always. PIDs are comparable to the ISBN numbers assigned to books. Even if the location or underlying infrastructure changes, the reference path remains intact. SURFsara offers the PID service in cooperation with the European Persistent Identifier Consortium (EPIC).

  • Grid

    Service/product - The grid infrastructure offers a large number of compute and data storage clusters that are linked to one another through a high-speed network connection. These clusters are housed in data centres of organisations all over the world.

  • Jupyter Notebook

    Service/product - Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web application in which you can create documents. This application is popular within the world of big data research, education and in all fields where you need quick insight into data.

  • Object Store

    Service/product - Object Store provides a general purpose online storage service that may be used for storing large quantities of data. The service is ideal for storing various types of data, and has the ability to grow without restriction, while your data remains quickly and easily accessible.

  • SURFdrive

    Service/product - SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch education and research community, offering staff, researchers and students an easy way to store, synchronise and share files in the secure and reliable SURF community cloud.

  • SURFfilesender

    Service/product - Want to send and receive files quickly, safely and easily? With SURFfilesender, users can send large files such as research data. SURFfilesender is also suitable for smaller files, such as reports. The files are stored in the Netherlands. Encryption offers extra security.

  • SURFsharekit

    Service/product - SURFsharekit is a repository service for universities of applied sciences and provides institutions with the opportunity to permanently store and make available research publications, theses and educational resources.