Services and products

Available services and products: 9

  • AV-contractentool

    Service/product - The AV contract tool helps researchers, instructors, students and staff to draw up contracts setting out agreements on the distribution and use of photos and videos.


    Service/product - acts as a single point of reference for higher education staff, instructors, students and researchers to find reliable information on issues relating to copyright.

  • HBO Knowledge Base

    Service/product - Within universities of applied sciences, many publications such as articles, research reports and graduation projects are produced by lecturers, lecturer researchers and students. HBO Knowledge Base makes these resources accessible and available for exchange and (re-)use.

  • Jupyter Notebook

    Service/product - Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web application in which you can create documents. This application is popular within the world of big data research, education and in all fields where you need quick insight into data.

  • My SURFmarket

    Service/product - With my SURFmarket, SURFmarket member institutions can manage the portfolio of their products and services. When it comes to operational processes and managing contracts and licenses, this digital platform offers institutions an at-a-glance overview and support.

  • SURFdashboard

    Service/product - SURFdashboard offers an overview of all SURFnet services. Institution's contact persons can sign up for services and change contact persons. You can also view monthly reports on the services that your institution utilises.

  • SURFsharekit

    Service/product - SURFsharekit is a repository service for universities of applied sciences and provides institutions with the opportunity to permanently store and make available research publications, theses and educational resources.

  • SURFspace

    Service/product - SURFspace is the online community relating to ICT innovation for and by professionals in education and research in the Netherlands. The site is intended for anyone who wishes to promote this kind of innovation using ICT in education and research.

  • SURFspot

    Service/product - SURFspot is the ICT webshop where students and staff can order items such as software and hardware for use at home, at favourable prices. To enable this facility, SURFmarket concludes agreements with suppliers.