Services and products

Available services and products: 4

  • Content

    Service/product - (Scientific) publications and databases which are important for education and research are published by domestic and international publishers. SURFmarket makes agreements with these publishers so that institutions can access this content under the most favourable conditions.

  • NetherLight partners

    Service/product - NetherLight is an open light path exchange. It is a hub that can be used by anyone, for any application whatsoever, be it national or international. The more partners that are connected to NetherLight, the more interesting it will be for everyone.

  • Purchasing ICT

    Service/product - SURFmarket purchases ICT under the best possible conditions and makes it easily available to its members and their users. Members' needs are central to our decision-making. SURFmarket has agreements in place with around 200 providers including Adobe, Microsoft, SPSS and IBM.

  • Services connected to SURFconext

    Service/product - Institutions can choose from more than 170 cloud services that are connected to SURFconext. Which services are best suited to the needs of your users? Choose from the services below and make them available to your students, teachers and researchers.