Assistance in creating contracts for audiovisual productions

The AV contract tool helps researchers, instructors, students and staff to draw up contracts setting out agreements on the distribution and use of photos and videos.

The AV contract tool: a summary

  • Specially developed for education
  • Intended for producers of audiovisual material
  • An easy way to govern copyright agreements

Model contract for use of audiovisual content

The AV contract tool gives you an easy way to create a range of model contracts for any sort of audiovisual product. This also allows you to govern how the material will be used and distributed later. The tool helps you to identify the purpose of an audiovisual product and draw up the associated agreements. The tool also allows you to see who can access and use the product, as well as where and how they can do so.   

Specially developed for education

SURF developed the AV contract tool especially for the education sector. The tool can be found at auteursrechten.nl or reached directly at avcontractentool.nl. The tool was developed without the involvement of publishers, foundations and other stakeholders. It has been checked by a lawyer and does not contain adverts.

Copyright in education

If you'd like to know more about copyright and the law surrounding it, visit auteursrechten.nl , which offers practical information about copyright in education, along with 90 FAQs, short information videos, guidelines and other helpful resources.

This service is included in the core SURFmarket package.

Latest modifications 18 Jul 2018