Easily save and share large volumes of research data

BeeHub is a data storage solution that is simple and user-friendly. With this service, you can save and share large volumes of research data. BeeHub is an online service accessible by means of a web interface and a data transfer protocol (WebDAV). Researchers can access BeeHub via SURFconext.

Saving and sharing data

BeeHub is a storage service that can be expanded according to your needs. The 100 gigabyte quota allocated to users as standard can be expanded upon request. This service enables you to easily share your data with other BeeHub users, even at other institutions or countries. It is also possible to share folders and files. Moreover, you can create user groups and authorise them to access some or all of your data. Access rights (read and write rights) are allocated by means of a user-friendly, simple procedure via a web interface.

Online data access

Your data is accessible online. Your own computer does not back up data, whereas cloud-based services such as SURFdrive do. This makes BeeHub the ideal solution for storing large-scale data sets that are often too large to be stored on desktop systems or laptops.

Use from the software and computing facilities

Nearly every operating system can access this this data storage service. BeeHub uses the WebDAV data transfer protocol (WebDAV is an extension of HTTP), which can be mounted as a remote file system and also enables access via scripts and software. You can also upload and download portions of files. SURFsara's computing facilities, including the HPC Cloud and the Lisa Compute Cluster, provide easy access to files stored in BeeHub. For example, files can be downloaded from BeeHub to the Lisa Compute Cluster.

Log in via SURFconext or the Internet

BeeHub can be accessed online. Are you affiliated with a SURF institution? If so, you can access BeeHub via SURFconext by entering your institution's login details. Otherwise, you can request a user account in the BeeHub web environment.

Support and consultancy

BeeHub users have unlimited access to support services, helping you make the most of our storage facilities. Online manuals provide information including suggestions for uploading, downloading and sharing data.


You can contact our helpdesk by telephone or email. Or schedule an appointment with one of our employees. If you have any questions, or want to report a problem, please send an email to or phone +31-208001400. The helpdesk is available during office hours (9:00–17:00).

Case examples

BeeHub is used primarily by researchers wishing to share large data sets with their research community. These typically range in size from hundreds of gigabytes to a few terabytes. The biggest advantage of BeeHub is that it enables researchers to share their data with tremendous flexibility. They can assign access rights individually to each folder or file. Thanks to these features, BeeHub is popular among researchers in disciplines such as bioinformatics and linguistics.

Case: Do genes correlate with socio-economic characteristics?

More information and contact

More (technical) information regarding the use of BeeHub can be found on the pages with user information for the BeeHub service. For further questions, please contact us at

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