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Available services and products: 8

  • Cybersave Yourself

    Service/product - Would you like to raise awareness of Internet hazards among your employees and students, so that they contribute to a safer network and fewer security and privacy incidents? Then use Cybersave Yourself, the security campaign for education and research. It includes a toolkit with materials that you can adapt to the visual identity of your institute.

  • eduroam
    Secure online access with your own credentials

    Service/product - eduroam gives students, lecturers, staff and researchers quick and easy access to the fixed and wireless networks at their own institution and at other institutions that offer this service. At more than 25.000 locations in more than 85 countries.

  • SURFaudit
    Audit your information security and privacy

    Service/product - Has your institution organised the security and continuity of its company data, and the privacy of its users? Have your business partners done so? With SURFaudit you can tell what to do for a minimum level of security and privacy. Compare the audit results of various departments or institutions and see where your institution stands.

  • SURFcert
    24/7 support for security incidents

    Service/product - SURFcert provides your institute with security-incident support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SURFcert also provides you with tools to optimise security within your institute yourself. For example, SURFcert is continuously minimising the nuisance of DDoS attacks.

  • SURFcertificaten
    Affordable certificates

    Service/product - SURFcertificaten ('SURFcertificates') provides several types of certificates for users at affiliated institutions. Certificates are essential for ICT-security. They enable encryption of information between computer systems and can provide digital signatures for documents or software code.

  • SURFconext
    1 account. Global access. Secure and reliable

    Service/product - Students, teachers and researchers use SURFconext to log in to the cloud services of a range of different providers. They can do so securely and easily using the account issued by their own institution. It also makes life easier for your institution too, because SURFconext provides centralised authentication and authorisation for the services.

  • SURFmailfilter
    Filter your e-mail for viruses, spam and phishing

    Service/product - SURFmailfilter gives connected institutions an easy way of checking all their incoming and outgoing e-mail and filtering it for viruses, phishing and spam. SURFmailfilter detects at least 95% of spam. SURFmailfilter runs at SURFnet and is available for IPv4 and IPv6.

  • SURFsecureID
    Extra protection for online services with a second factor

    Service/product - SURFsecureID helps make access to online services even more secure with two-factor authentication: the user logs in with their username/password along with a second factor such as a SMS text message or USB key. This is particularly important for services with sensitive data. SURFsecureID is the new name for SURFconext Strong Authentication.