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Available services and products: 8

  • Consultancy
    Our expert advisors ensure the perfect ICT solution for your research

    Service/product - SURFsara possesses a wealth of experience in the field of ICT services for researchers. If you need help developing/improving your application or designing your infrastructure, then you've come to the right place. Our experts will be happy to lend their expertise to support your research.

  • Management of Office 365
    Controlled and secure in the cloud

    Service/product - Endeavouring to achieve controlled and secure use of Office 365 is a familiar issue for education and research. SURF presents itself as a knowledge partner and is developing the Office 365 guidelines and standards for education and research with and for institutions.

  • Security communities
    Working together on security and privacy

    Service/product - Together, we can work more effectively for security and privacy in higher education. Two security communities are actively working to this end, and you can join them. SCIRT focuses on incident response teams and is hands-on; SCIPR is for privacy officers and information security officers, and works on security and privacy policy.

  • SURFacademy
    Keep abreast of current ICT themes

    Service/product - In conjunction with Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences, SURFacademy organises professional development events on current ICT issues for those working in higher education and research.

  • SURFcert
    24/7 support for security incidents

    Service/product - SURFcert provides your institute with security-incident support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SURFcert also provides you with tools to optimise security within your institute yourself. For example, SURFcert is continuously minimising the nuisance of DDoS attacks.

  • SURFspace
    Samenwerken aan ICT-innovatie

    Service/product - SURFspace is the online community relating to ICT innovation for and by professionals in education and research in the Netherlands. The site is intended for anyone who wishes to promote this kind of innovation using ICT in education and research.

  • Training courses
    Hands-on systems training courses for research

    Service/product - Want to get started with our systems but lack the necessary knowledge? We regularly organize hands-on systems training courses at our offices in Utrecht and Amsterdam or in situ at your education or research institution. Have a look at the overview and let us know which training course you are interested in by emailing us at

  • Visualisation
    Scalable and powerful remote visualisation

    Service/product - Our Visualisation service allows you to visualise your own datasets on your desktop. This makes it easy to identify connections between data or gain other insight into your datasets. SURFsara offers a powerful remote visualisation service that combines high performance with ease of use.