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Available services and products: 10

  • eduroam
    Secure online access with your own credentials

    Service/product - eduroam gives students, lecturers, staff and researchers quick and easy access to the fixed and wireless networks at their own institution and at other institutions that offer this service. At more than 25.000 locations in more than 85 countries.

  • Multi Service Port (MSP)
    All light paths on one connection

    Service/product - A Multi Service Port (MSP) is a connection to the SURFnet network that enables you to set up multiple light paths simultaneously. You can distribute the bandwidth over the light paths, maximising the flexibility and efficiency of the available bandwidth.

  • NetherLight
    The open light path exchange

    Service/product - NetherLight, SURF's open light path exchange, makes it easy to set up light paths with collaborative partners both in the Netherlands and abroad. NetherLight can also be used to connect service providers, so they can be accessed using light paths.

  • Secondary location accessibility
    Connect your other locations to the SURFnet network, too

    Service/product - In addition to your primary location, you can also easily connect other locations of your institution to the SURFnet network. SURF will then create a point of presence (PoP) at these secondary locations.

  • SURFdomeinen
    Register and manage domain names yourself

    Service/product - The online SURFdomeinen service makes it easy for ICT administrators to register and migrate Internet domains and to manage the DNS.

  • SURFinternet
    Connected with education and research worldwide

    Service/product - SURFinternet offers Dutch education and research institutions a fast and reliable Internet connection of 1 to 100 GB/s. With SURFinternet, all users in the education and research communities are connected to each other and can collaborate nationally and internationally.

  • SURFinternetpinnen
    Use your PIN via IP: easy & secure

    Service/product - SURFinternetpinnen makes managing PIN and electronic payment systems more easy. Traffic to and from these machines travels over the SURFnet network, which makes separate connections superfluous.

  • SURFlichtpaden
    Customise your network connections

    Service/product - Do you need an ultra-fast, extremely reliable connection to another institution, data centre, service provider or different destination? SURFlichtpaden enables you to create an exclusive and direct connection outside the boundaries of the public Internet. Light paths offer additional security, reliability, and high capacity – guaranteed.

  • SURFopzichter
    Monitor real-time internet services

    Service/product - ICT administrators use SURFopzichter (‘SURF Supervisor’) to monitor – online and in real time – the performance and availability of Internet services, for example websites and e-mail facilities.

  • SURFwireless
    Wi-Fi as a Service, reliable and of high quality

    Service/product - Your users expect a fast Wi-Fi network that is available any time, any place. Purchasing and maintaining such a network requires a great deal of time and expertise. SURFwireless is now offering Wi-Fi as a Service, a reliable, high quality Wi-Fi network. You pay per access point per month.