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Available services and products: 5

  • FileSender
    Open source software for transferring large files

    Service/product - FileSender is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily transfer very large files to other users. FileSender is open source software, which is developed within a project where different NRENs (National Research and Educational Networks) - including SURFnet - contribute.

  • MediaMosa
    Build your own media management platform

    Service/product - MediaMosa is open source software which you can use to build a platform for Digital Asset Management (DAM). This software allows users to search, examine and add content. MediaMosa is based on the Drupal CMS and uses a REST architecture. A ready-made cloud variant, called MediaSalsa, is also available.

  • Open Education API
    Open standaard voor het delen van onderwijsdata

    Service/product - The Open Education API is an open standard for sharing educational data. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of definitions allowing software programs to communicate with one another. Using the API, education institutions make useful information available through apps, such as grades or timetable information, for example.

  • OpenConext
    Open standard for sharing educational data

    Service/product - OpenConext is the open source software used by SURFnet for the SURFconext service. NRENs, collaborative organisations or other parties can use OpenConext to create their own collaboration infrastructure. Documentation and code for SURFconext components are available via

  • tiqr
    Secure log-in using your smartphone

    Service/product - Tiqr enables users to log into a website safely and easily. Users can authenticate themselves by scanning a QR code. In other words, they no longer have to enter a user name and password. Tiqr is open source software which you can integrate into your own website.