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Available services and products: 7

  • Big Data Services
    Get insights out of very large data sets

    Service/product - Researchers who need to analyse large amounts of (un)structured data can make use of the SURFsara Big Data services. Several large public data sets and multiple frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Hive, Pig and HBase provide easy to use environments for Big Data analysis.

  • Dutch National Supercomputer
    The Dutch national supercomputer for maximum performance

    Service/product - The Dutch National Supercomputer, Cartesius, is the flagship of SURFsara services. It is the most comprehensive system in the field of capability computing in the Netherlands. Cartesius is especially in high demand for its combination of fast processors and internal network, large storage capacity and the ability to process large datasets.

  • Grid
    Distributed computer system for fast processing of big data sets

    Service/product - The grid infrastructure offers a large number of compute and data storage clusters that are linked to one another through a high-speed network connection. These clusters are housed in data centres of organisations all over the world.

  • HPC Cloud
    Your own computing infrastructure - no need to purchase hardware

    Service/product - HPC Cloud gives you and your project team complete control over your computing infrastructure. The infrastructure ranges from a single work station to a complete cluster and can be expanded to suit your needs. You can use your own operating system and analysis software. HPC Cloud is housed in SURF's own data centre.

  • Lisa Compute Cluster
    Computing capacity plus support at application level

    Service/product - Lisa Compute Cluster combines processing power with user friendliness. Are the limits of your own system inhibiting your research? This service lets you upscale to a higher level. Lisa Compute Cluster is preconfigured with a range of software packages, meaning you can start working right away.

  • Research Capacity Computing Service

    Service/product - Research Capacity Computing Service (RCCS) is the service that gives SURF members directly access to its compute facilities. The service is aimed at lowering the barriers for IT managers and offers flexibility, scalability and expertise based on a pay-per-use model.

  • Visualisation
    Scalable and powerful remote visualisation

    Service/product - Our Visualisation service allows you to visualise your own datasets on your desktop. This makes it easy to identify connections between data or gain other insight into your datasets. SURFsara offers a powerful remote visualisation service that combines high performance with ease of use.