Cloud-based services

In contrast to traditional software, cloud-based services are accessible at any time and anywhere there is an Internet connection. These services are also available at SURFmarket. SURFnet ensures secure access to these services, via SURFconext or NetherLight.

Any place, any device

Open, online collaboration is becoming more and more generally accepted. Students, lecturers and researchers increasingly expect to have Open Access to research results and educational resources at any time, at any place and on any device. When it comes to these developments, the cloud has become indispensable.

Wide range

Education institutions can purchase various kinds of cloud-based solutions via SURFmarket, at favourable conditions and prices. Examples are Infrastructure as a Service or Software as a Service, including collaborative services, video conferencing, interactive lectures and personal storage. Organisations can purchase these cloud-based solutions via My SURFmarket and use them by accessing SURFconext. Via the SURFspot webshop, staff and students can also purchase cloud-based solutions for their own individual use.

Easy and secure access to cloud-based services  

Institutions can offer their users access to both internal institutional services and cloud-based services from a range of suppliers. If these services have been linked to the SURFconext collaboration infrastructure, users can log in by means of an easy single sign-on procedure with their own institutional account. 

Cloud-based services via light paths 

Cloud-based services can also be offered via the NetherLight open light path exchange, ensuring guaranteed bandwidth. These solutions offer new potential for collaborations, both within and between institutions, and even across national borders. 

Effectively promoting interests

We are in regular contact with representatives of organisations. This allows SURFmarket to effectively promote the interests of the education sector in its consultations and agreements with ICT suppliers. These agreements are laid down in so-called mediation agreements.

Connecting to SURFmarket

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