The Collaboratorium is a meeting and presentation space offering state-of-the-art visualisation facilities, including a video wall with 4x2 Full HD screens (total resolution over 16 megapixels). The space is ideal for visually interpreting complex research data, giving presentations, holding brainstorming sessions and for video conferencing.

Optimising visualisation and presentation

Designed to optimise visualisation and presentation, the Collaboratorium inspires researchers from academia, the government and the business community to collaborate and communicate with each other. Featuring a video wall with 4x2 Full HD screens having a total resolution of over 16 megapixels, the space is perfect for visually interpreting complex research data, holding multidisciplinary meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions and for video conferencing.

Excellent facilities

What's more, the Collaboratorium's facilities are also perfect for inter-collegial exchange, presentation and communication of ideas and information. The space features the following:

  • a high-resolution video wall with multi-touch interaction;
  • facilities enabling parallel presentations from separate devices (e.g. a laptop or tablet);
  • video conferencing equipment, for 1-on-1 or group presentations, and enabling outside party dial-in (up to 3 at a time);
  • 3D projection equipment;
  • simple, straightforward operation;
  • fast network connection with the SURFsara computing facilities and visualisation cluster, as well as fast connections with outside parties;
  • specialist visualisation support.

Link with the Visualisation service

Thanks to the link with the SURFsara remote visualisation cluster, Collaboratorium users can access the Visualisation service to display high-resolution visualisations.

Collaboratorium availability

The Collaboratorium is located in the SURF Science Park building in Amsterdam. The space accommodates groups of up to 10 and can be booked during business hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00–17:00).

Would you like to reserve the Collaboratorium? Check the diary for availability.


Collaboratorium users can always count on us for support. We can assist you with equipment operation, technical options and settings and network connections, among other things. For general operational information, you can also consult the user's manual. Software intended for a specific purpose or user group can also be installed.


Our helpdesk is available by telephone and email, but can also assist you in person. If you have any questions, or want to report a problem, please send an email to or phone +31-208001400. The helpdesk is available during office hours (9:00–17:00).


Need more information? Want to book the Collaboratorium? Please contact us at

More (technical) information can be found on the pages with user information. For further questions, please contact us at

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