Cybersave Yourself

Would you like to raise awareness of Internet hazards among your employees and students, so that they contribute to a safer network and fewer security and privacy incidents? Then use Cybersave Yourself, the security campaign for education and research. It includes a toolkit with materials that you can adapt to the visual identity of your institute.

Raising the level of digital security

SURF supplies the network enabling more than one million students, lecturers and other employees at education institutions to communicate with each other and share information and confidential data. We are committed to ensuring security awareness among universities of applied sciences and research universities, and work closely with education institutions to raise the level of institutional digital security.

A campaign tailored to your institution

We can tailor programmes including the Cybersave Yourself campaign to your institution. The campaign helps to make employees and students aware that they must use personal information safely on the Internet. The campaign provides material to enable every institution to conduct their own, local campaign targeting both employees and students. SURF developed the campaign in collaboration with information security officers at universities of applied sciences and research universities (SCIPR).

Cybersave Yourself components

Security Awareness Toolkit

An online toolkit featuring communication material with which institutions can roll out their own awareness campaign for their employees and students. The toolkit contains offline and online materials covering identity security, phishing, social media, confidential information, mobile computing and much more. The material can be adapted to reflect the institution's visual identity.

Website (in Dutch) provides information about online security for users in education and research. They can find tips to secure their devices against phishing, viruses, etc. Games, videos and tests enable them to learn how to use personal information securely on the Internet.

Who is Cybersave Yourself for?

Cybersave Yourself is available to all SURFnet member institutions and is used by, for example, security officers and communications consultants.

Apply for a toolkit

If you would like to use the materials for a Cybersave Yourself campaign at your institution, simply register on and you'll be given access to the online toolkit free of charge.

More information

This service is included in SURFnet's core package.

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