Open source software for transferring large files

FileSender is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily transfer very large files to other users. FileSender is open source software, which is developed within a project where different NRENs (National Research and Educational Networks) - including SURFnet - contribute.

Contribution of the community

FileSender has been developed based on requirements of the higher education and research community and is used worldwide in more than 25 countries. The FileSender project is primarily funded by the following NRENs: AARNet (Australia), HEAnet (Ireland), SURFnet, (the Netherlands), and UNINETT (Norway). Within the community, everyone can make a contribution to improve the software. In 2014, the development of two new program functionalities is planned: client-side encryption directly in the browser and integration with external cryptographic timestamps.

In-browser encryption

SURFnet is working on the continued development of automatic in-browser encryption. It is sometimes desirable to encrypt files when transferring sensitive data. In the healthcare sector, for example, it has to be possible to transfer research data, HR data or personal details safely. This is possible using FileSender.

Time stamping

AARNet is working on another important functionality, 'time stamping'. This means that a cryptographic time stamp provides proof that a certain file existed at a certain point in time and has not been changed, and combines this with the user's identity. In this way, FileSender can play a role in the protection of research data or research ideas. This is important in the modern, and highly competitive, academic world.

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