SURFnet Community of Incident Response Teams (SCIRT)

Working together on security and privacy

The SURFnet Community of Incident Response Teams (SCIRT) is a group comprising the members of the Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) at the institutions connected to SURFnet. SCIRT is the main forum where operational security experts discuss current security challenges and exchange the latest tips and information.

Creating synergy between security experts

SCIRT is a work group acting for – and supported by – the community. SCIRT's top priority is to achieve synergy within the field of security experts at the institutions connected to SURFnet. If you are working in a CSIRT-related area, but are not yet organised into a CSIRT, you can join SCIRT.

Cybersecurity tips and information

SCIRT is the forum where the latest cybersecurity threats are discussed and analysed. In addition, we discuss ideas, tips and stuff from a number of different angles, to help ward off threats successfully.  The focus here is on operational security and security incident management.

SCIRT meetings

Much of the contact is made digitally, e.g. via email, the SCIRT wiki and a forum. However, regular meetings are also important. The meetings enable the CSIRT members to get to know one other and exchange knowledge in a confidential, accessible way. We also organise workshops that address new cybersecurity techniques, tools and so on. The objective: to bring the overall level of knowledge and experience within SCIRT to a higher level. As such, SCIRT members take advantage of a productive working environment to acquire more skills which they need for their jobs. The meetings and workshops are organised at least three times per year. In addition, SCIRT, the SCIPR community and SURFcert jointly organise an annual two-day cybersecurity conference.

Chairman and programme group

The current elected chairman is Ewald Beekman (, IT Security Officer at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. Don Stikvoort ( is the secretary. Rogier Spoor ( assists and supports the SCIRT community from within SURFnet.

A programme group prepares the contents of the programme events. Its members are:

  • Ewald Beekman - AMC
  • Ronald Boontje - UvA
  • Lars Hameeteman - ErasmusMC
  • Remon Klein Tank - WUR
  • Jasper Luiten - VUmc
  • Rogier Spoor - SURFnet
  • Don Stikvoort - external expert

In addition, SCIRT has its own mailing list and an online working environment.

Collaboration with SCIPR

SCIRT works together with the platform for information security officers in higher education, otherwise known as SCIPR. SCIPR focuses on security policies and governance; SCIRT focuses on operational matters. These two communities are set to work ever more closely together, given that the areas they focus on are closely related and the number of touchpoints is increasing.

Apply for membership

Want to become a member of SCIRT? You are eligible to join only if you have an email address at a member institution. As sensitive information is frequently shared within the SCIRT community, we have a code of conduct and a registration procedure. If you are interested, we would be pleased to tell you more. Please send an email to the secretary, Don Stikvoort, at:

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