SURFmarket provides a wide range of software for students and staff, for purchases both by educational organisations and individual users.

Favourable conditions

SURFmarket was set up as an ICT marketplace by the education sector to negotiate with ICT providers on behalf of organisations connected to SURF. It enables these organisations to choose from a range of products including software, at favourable conditions and prices.

Simple licensing

Connected higher educational organisations can use My SURFmarket to conclude licences for the use of software at their research university or university of applied sciences. Licences may be concluded for an entire campus, but also for an individual faculty, department or working group. In addition, students and staff of connected organisations can purchase software for their own individual use via theĀ SURFspot webshop.

Comprehensive range

A very wide selection of software is offered. Our offer ranges from the essential office programs and statistical software for students and researchers to packages that support efficient operational management or enable the smart management of an organisation's IT solutions. We currently have agreements with around 200 suppliers, including Adobe, Microsoft and IBM.

Effectively promoting interests

We are in regular contact with representatives of organisations, allowing SURFmarket to effectively promote the interests of the higher education sector in its consultations and agreements with ICT suppliers. These agreements are laid down in so-called mediation agreements.

Connecting to SURFmarket

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