Offer and purchase services through SURFconext

1 account. Global access. Secure and reliable

The ability to collaborate smartly and share knowledge and data is crucial for the quality of Dutch education and research. This opportunity is already provided by a broad range of services. Cloud providers offer their services to more than 130 institutions in the Netherlands via a single technical connection.

More than 170 services

There are currently more than 170 services connected to SURFconext. These services can be used by your institution. They are divided into a range of different themes. Want to know which services are already connected? Take a look at the service overview.

Offer a service yourself

As an institution, you can make your own services available to others. This would, for example, enable you to collaborate on a project. You can find out how to do this and what is involved on the ‘Offering services as an institution’ page.

SURFconext for cloud providers

Want to be able to offer your service to more than 130 education and research institutions or UMCs in one go? With SURFconext, you can. There is a team ready and waiting to help you make the connection. Want to know what is involved? Simply visit the ‘SURFconext for cloud providers’ page.

Latest modifications 08 Dec 2017