SURFcumulus - integrated offer of IaaS Services

With SURFcumulus, your institution can move its data centre to the cloud easily and securely. SURFcumulus offers a wide range of IaaS services. You can purchase virtual machines with no tendering process under the right conditions and guarantees. You choose whether to manage the providers yourself or whether to outsource that task to SURF.

Two forms: Basic and Managed

SURFcumulus is available in two forms: Basic and Managed. With SURFcumulus Basic, you buy IaaS services from providers via SURFmarket while SURF provides the contract management. You then handle the subsequent provider administration and management yourself. With SURFcumulus Managed, SURF also manages the IaaS providers on your behalf, allowing your institution to focus more on operations.

The differences at a glance:

The providers

IaaS services from the following providers are currently available via SURFcumulus:

  • SURFnet Virtualisation Platform (only available through SURFcumulus Managed)
  • KPN
  • Vancis

We expect the following providers to be added in 2017:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Dimension Data

We are also looking into the possibility of adding CloudSigma, and we are reflecting on the added value that would provide.

The advantages of SURFcumulus

SURFcumulus Basic and Managed will bring the following benefits to your institution:

  • Your institution can purchase the available IaaS services directly, without having to issue a request for tender. This is because the services have been made available through a European tendering process.
  • All providers comply with the SURF Framework of Legal Standards for (Cloud) Services.
  • You gain a clear understanding of the data classification that the providers are able to support. SURF checks during the contract period that the provider continues to meet its audit obligations
  • SURF provides the invoicing towards the institutions
  • All providers are connected directly to the SURFnet network so they can be used quickly and safely.

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