Integrated offer of IaaS Services

Move your data centre securely and simply to the cloud with SURFcumulus: a broad range of IaaS services that we check for quality, security and legitimacy. You choose which provider(s) you purchase your virtual machines from and you can switch at any time. Manage these providers yourself or outsource management to SURF.
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Why SURFcumulus?

The future of ICT services is in the cloud. Purchasing an infrastructure as a service offers more functionality, scalability and flexibility than you can achieve with your own servers.

SURFcumulus will guide you securely through the process of transitioning to the cloud. We offer you a choice of several different IaaS providers and you can switch at any time. SURF ensures that the selected providers have been subjected to the necessary tender procedures and that their rates are transparent. And, of course, that they meet the stringent privacy and security requirements of the Dutch education and research sector.

Finally, you will benefit from the economies of scale offered by the European tendering process to which the services have been subjected. The prices that we have negotiated are up to 25% lower than the standard rates. And you will automatically benefit if rates fall.

Customized to the individual needs of your institution

With SURFcumulus, you can select from 3 different service levels: Single Cloud, Dual Cloud and Multi Cloud. The higher the service level, the more cloud providers you can purchase and the more benefits you gain:

  • Single Cloud: you select 1 cloud provider and manage that provider yourself.
  • Dual Cloud: you select 2 cloud providers and manage them yourself.
  • Multi Cloud: you can select and manage all connected cloud providers via 1 central management environment. We organise support and contact with the providers (single point of contact).

Learn more about the 3 service levels and the differences between them

2018 rates

View the SURFcumulus rates

The selected providers

IaaS services from the following providers are currently available via SURFcumulus:

  • KPN
  • Vancis
  • Microsoft Azure (via COMPAREX)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Dimension Data
  • Interoute

We are also currently looking into the possibility of adding CloudSigma and at the added value that this would bring.

Latest modifications 04 Jun 2018