Secure file storage and files haring

SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch education and research community, offering staff, researchers and students an easy way to store, synchronise and share files in the secure and reliable SURF community cloud.

Simple and secure data sharing

Although many commercial personal storage services are free, no one knows exactly where the data are stored, or what they are subsequently used for. There is a secure alternative for users in the Dutch education and research community. SURFdrive offers staff, researchers and students an easy way to share and synchronise files within a secure community cloud with ample storage capacity.

250 GB storage capacity

Users get 250 GB data storage capacity, and can access their files at all times from any location by means of offline synchronisation. Users can also grant guest users access to their personal files. All data transmitted over the networks is always encrypted.

Privacy and security

In order to guarantee a secure and reliable service, all SURFdrive information security protocols meet high standards. The Legal Framework for Cloud Services serves as a guideline for all service-related agreements. SURFdrive complies with all Dutch and European privacy legislation. For example, SURFdrive's conditions of use ensure safe usage, whereby users retain ownership of their own data. All data are securely stored within the Netherlands. Furthermore, SURF does not share information with third parties.

Access to SURFdrive

Education and research institutions purchase the SURFdrive service and manage user access. Users can easily access SURFdrive by logging into SURFconext. This means that they can access their data via their own institutional login account. SURFdrive can be accessed from all widely used computers, tablets and smartphones running on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS or Android.


Among other functionalities, SURFdrive offers:

  • offline synchronisation, ensuring that users have access to their files at all times
  • easy and secure file sharing within the education and research community
  • users can invite guest users to share documents
  • optimised for smartphone and/or tablet use
  • 30-day backup and recovery
  • 99.5% availability

Rates 2017

There are 2 basic packages available for institutions.

Number of users Price per user per year Price per year total Price per additional user per year

EUR 41

EUR 2032

EUR 40


EUR 34

EUR 25402

EUR 18

  • The universities have agreed to a minimum usage of 750 users.
  • Starting at 625 users, institutions pay EUR 25,402 per year (exclusive of VAT) which covers user rights for 750 users. An annual charge of  EUR 18 (exclusive of VAT) will apply for each additional user.
  • Each user is given 250 GB of storage space. A fair use policy applies.

Steps to start using SURFdrive

  1. The institution's contact person applies for SURFdrive via SURFdashboard.
  2. The institution ensures that the correct attributes are passed on to SURFconext.
  3. The account manager at SURFconext grants the attributes access to SURFdrive via SURFconext.
  4. A group of users may now start testing SURFdrive.
  5. The institution decides to offer SURFdrive to all of the selected users.
  6. SURF sends a contract to the institution for signing.
  7. Users with the correct attributes will be able to log in once SURF has received a signed copy of the contract.

SURFdrive communication kit

SURF provides SURF toolbox, a communication kit with various ready-made communication resources that institutions can use to roll out a campaign within their own organisation. These resources stimulate staff to safely save files and to share them via SURFdrive. The communication kit contains offline and online materials in Dutch and English that participating organisations can download for free and provide with their own logo if they wish.

More information

SURFdrive is made possible by SURFnet and SURFsara, and it is available to all education and research institutions that are connected to SURFnet. Institutions purchase the SURFdrive service and manage user access. Is your institution interested or would you like further information on SURFdrive? Please send an email to or contact William van Santen.

Latest modifications 14 Dec 2017