Light paths for research

Customise your network connections

SURFlichtpaden is also a useful tool for researchers to set up a secure network. You can send research data and details via these connections quickly and securely from one point to the other (point-to-point connections).

Light paths: for data storage, big data and processing power

SURFnet supports researchers in pioneering research by contributing ICT solutions. Researchers use light paths for data storage, sending big data and for employing processing power, etc. You can use light paths to tailor the network and collaborative infrastructure to your research requirements. In addition, you can use light paths for multidisciplinary, data intensive research. Support4Research supports researchers who want to use light paths.

Request a light path

Would you like to set up a light path? Please contact your institution's ICT department. If two researchers at different institutions would like to set up a light path they should each approach the ICT department of their own institution. These ICT departments will arrange a light path between the workspaces of both researchers.

Latest modifications 15 Dec 2017