Store and share publications, theses and educational resources

SURFsharekit is a repository service for universities of applied sciences and provides institutions with the opportunity to permanently store and make available research publications, theses and educational resources.

SURFsharekit: an overview

  • Repository ‘as a service’
  • Open source software
  • Permanently store and share publications, theses and educational resources
  • Contribute yourself to the continued development of the service
  • Knowledge exchange about related and current developments between 20 universities of applied sciences throughout the Netherlands

For and by universities of applied sciences

SURFsharekit came about as part of the HBO Knowledge Infrastructure. As from 2017, SURFsharekit is a SURFmarket service. Member universities of applied sciences are closely involved in the development of the service through the SURFsharekit user consultation. The network also provides the opportunity to exchange experiences with one another and to share know-how about current developments, which contribute to the visibility of practice-based research. Take, for example, use and repurposing of content, drawing up a publication policy, supporting researchers, research data management and open access publication.

Making knowledge accessible

SURFsharekit provides institutions with the opportunity to store publications and theses and make them digitally accessible. Knowledge products in SURFsharekit can be viewed using the HBO Knowledge Base and Narcis. Educational resources can be viewed using Wikiwijs. In addition, the service meets internationally applicable standards governing the free exchange of information, ensuring resources can also be viewed using discovery tools such as Google Scholar. Publications in SURFsharekit do not need to provide open access availability. It is a platform for supporting open access publishing as effectively as possible.

SURFsharekit upgrade

SURF is currently working on an upgraded infrastructure for sharing and re-purposing knowledge products and Open Educational Resources. Together with the member universities of applied sciences, a new environment is being created that meets current requirements. The results from the 2016 pilot relating to open sharing of educational resources are also included in this process. The new environment has been used by universities of applied sciences since April 2017. Over the following months, the opportunities for publications and educational resources are jointly being further extended.

This service is included in the core SURFmarket package for universities of applied sciences and is optional for other sectors.

Latest modifications 08 Feb 2018