Smart deals for education

SURFspot is the ICT webshop where students and staff can order items such as software and hardware for use at home, at favourable prices. To enable this facility, SURFmarket concludes agreements with suppliers.

For and by the education sector

All research universities, more than 39 universities of applied sciences and several other organisations have given their students and staff access to SURFspot. They can log in using the details which they also use to log into the website of their educational organisation. The webshop was set up at the request of the higher education sector.

A wide and varied range

Students and staff can use SURFspot to buy software packages at the most favourable prices. Yet other ICT products such as cloud services, laptops, external hard drives and accessories are also available on a regular basis. Students and staff can choose from over 250 items from well-known suppliers such as Adobe, IBM SPSS Norton, McAfee and Microsoft.

Discounts for the education sector

The ICT webshop's product range depends on the software licensing agreements that the organisation has concluded with SURFmarket. The organisation has purchased the user rights to most products, including rights for home use. This is one of the reasons why SURFspot can offer the products so cheaply, with discounts which can be as high as 90% of the suggested retail price. SURFspot is a non-profit organisation.

Collaboration and promotion

It is unfortunate when students and employees are not aware of the deals SURFspot offers. Therefore SURFspot is glad to offer educational institutions support to increase the visibility of SURFspot among students and employees. In addition, we are also open to other collaborations. For example, consider (social) projects within the institution where partners are needed.  For more informatie please contact Marije Schlosser

Not just for higher education

In collaboration with the IT service company APS IT-diensten, SURFspot can also be accessed by staff and the parents of pupils in primary education. APS IT-diensten provides software which is specifically aimed at primary education within SURFspot.

This service is part of SURFmarket's core package, the customized option is optional.

Latest modifications 31 Jan 2018