SURFmarket supports organisations connected with SURF in their tendering issues.

Assistance with the tendering procedure

Educational organisations have commissioned Stichting SURF to support them in their tendering issues. The reason is that, in line with European legislation, these organisations are obliged to put out a European tender for the purchase of ICT resources if a project exceeds the statutory threshold value. Competitive tendering is also compulsory for amounts below the threshold value. SURFmarket can provide assistance in this regard.

Core package

By signing the declaration of participation, organisations specify which services and products they must purchase via SURFmarket. This specification comprises the core package for which SURFmarket concludes mediation agreements. Should an individual organisation exceed the tendering limit, then SURFmarket can provide assistance in the tendering procedure.


SURFmarket also offers support for products which do not form part of the core package, such as the joint purchase of equipment by several organisations. SURFmarket combines knowledge and experience.

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