Services and products

Available services and products: 58

  • Grid
    Distributed computer system for fast processing of big data sets

    Service/product - The grid infrastructure offers a large number of compute and data storage clusters that are linked to one another through a high-speed network connection. These clusters are housed in data centres of organisations all over the world.

  • HBO Knowledge Base
    Making theses and research publications available

    Service/product - Within universities of applied sciences, many publications such as articles, research reports and graduation projects are produced by lecturers, lecturer researchers and students. HBO Knowledge Base makes these resources accessible and available for exchange and (re-)use.

  • HPC Cloud
    Your own computing infrastructure - no need to purchase hardware

    Service/product - HPC Cloud gives you and your project team complete control over your computing infrastructure. The infrastructure ranges from a single work station to a complete cluster and can be expanded to suit your needs. You can use your own operating system and analysis software. HPC Cloud is housed in SURF's own data centre.

  • Jupyter Notebook
    Accessible and interactive data analysis for research and education

    Service/product - Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web application in which you can create documents. This application is popular within the world of big data research, education and in all fields where you need quick insight into data.

  • Lisa Compute Cluster
    Computing capacity plus support at application level

    Service/product - Lisa Compute Cluster combines processing power with user friendliness. Are the limits of your own system inhibiting your research? This service lets you upscale to a higher level. Lisa Compute Cluster is preconfigured with a range of software packages, meaning you can start working right away.

  • Management of Office 365
    Controlled and secure in the cloud

    Service/product - Endeavouring to achieve controlled and secure use of Office 365 is a familiar issue for education and research. SURF presents itself as a knowledge partner and is developing the Office 365 guidelines and standards for education and research with and for institutions.

  • MediaMosa
    Build your own media management platform

    Service/product - MediaMosa is open source software which you can use to build a platform for Digital Asset Management (DAM). This software allows users to search, examine and add content. MediaMosa is based on the Drupal CMS and uses a REST architecture. A ready-made cloud variant, called MediaSalsa, is also available.

  • Multi Service Port (MSP)
    All light paths on one connection

    Service/product - A Multi Service Port (MSP) is a connection to the SURFnet network that enables you to set up multiple light paths simultaneously. You can distribute the bandwidth over the light paths, maximising the flexibility and efficiency of the available bandwidth.

  • My SURFmarket
    Online portal for licences and contract

    Service/product - With my SURFmarket, SURFmarket member institutions can manage the portfolio of their products and services. When it comes to operational processes and managing contracts and licenses, this digital platform offers institutions an at-a-glance overview and support.

  • NetherLight
    The open light path exchange

    Service/product - NetherLight, SURF's open light path exchange, makes it easy to set up light paths with collaborative partners both in the Netherlands and abroad. NetherLight can also be used to connect service providers, so they can be accessed using light paths.

  • NetherLight partners
    The open light path exchange

    Service/product - NetherLight is an open light path exchange. It is a hub that can be used by anyone, for any application whatsoever, be it national or international. The more partners that are connected to NetherLight, the more interesting it will be for everyone.

  • Object Store
    Scalable online storage for various types of data

    Service/product - Object Store provides a general purpose online storage service that may be used for storing large quantities of data. The service is ideal for storing various types of data, and has the ability to grow without restriction, while your data remains quickly and easily accessible.

  • Open Education API
    Open standaard voor het delen van onderwijsdata

    Service/product - The Open Education API is an open standard for sharing educational data. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of definitions allowing software programs to communicate with one another. Using the API, education institutions make useful information available through apps, such as grades or timetable information, for example.

  • OpenConext
    Open standard for sharing educational data

    Service/product - OpenConext is the open source software used by SURFnet for the SURFconext service. NRENs, collaborative organisations or other parties can use OpenConext to create their own collaboration infrastructure. Documentation and code for SURFconext components are available via

  • Privacy Service
    Good privacy agreements with content and ICT providers

    Service/product - In order to process personal data, good Data Processing Agreements need to be made with content and ICT providers. Our Privacydienstverlening takes all the work involved in making these agreements off your hands and gives you insight into the agreements already made. You can order this optional service via the SURFmarket portal: My SURFmarket.