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Available services and products: 57

  • Research Drive
    Online shared-storage environment with one view on the data

    Service/product - Does your research team need large storage quotas, and work collaboratively with other educational and governmental institutions or external private parties? Research Drive is a cloud-based shared-storage environment specifically designed for these requirements.

  • Secondary location accessibility
    Connect your other locations to the SURFnet network, too

    Service/product - In addition to your primary location, you can also easily connect other locations of your institution to the SURFnet network. SURF will then create a point of presence (PoP) at these secondary locations.

  • Security communities
    Working together on security and privacy

    Service/product - Together, we can work more effectively for security and privacy in higher education. Two security communities are actively working to this end, and you can join them. SCIRT focuses on incident response teams and is hands-on; SCIPR is for privacy officers and information security officers, and works on security and privacy policy.

  • Services connected to SURFconext
    1 account. Global access. Secure and reliable

    Service/product - Institutions can choose from more than 170 cloud services that are connected to SURFconext. Which services are best suited to the needs of your users? Choose from the services below and make them available to your students, teachers and researchers.

  • SURFacademy
    Keep abreast of current ICT themes

    Service/product - In conjunction with Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences, SURFacademy organises professional development events on current ICT issues for those working in higher education and research.

  • SURFaudit
    Audit your information security and privacy

    Service/product - Has your institution organised the security and continuity of its company data, and the privacy of its users? Have your business partners done so? With SURFaudit you can tell what to do for a minimum level of security and privacy. Compare the audit results of various departments or institutions and see where your institution stands.

  • SURFcert
    24/7 support for security incidents

    Service/product - SURFcert provides your institute with security-incident support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SURFcert also provides you with tools to optimise security within your institute yourself. For example, SURFcert is continuously minimising the nuisance of DDoS attacks.

  • SURFcertificaten
    Affordable certificates

    Service/product - SURFcertificaten ('SURFcertificates') provides several types of certificates for users at affiliated institutions. Certificates are essential for ICT-security. They enable encryption of information between computer systems and can provide digital signatures for documents or software code.

  • SURFconext
    1 account. Global access. Secure and reliable

    Service/product - Students, teachers and researchers use SURFconext to log in to the cloud services of a range of different providers. They can do so securely and easily using the account issued by their own institution. It also makes life easier for your institution too, because SURFconext provides centralised authentication and authorisation for the services.

  • SURFcumulus
    Integrated offer of IaaS Services

    Service/product - Move your data centre securely and simply to the cloud with SURFcumulus: a broad range of IaaS services that we check for quality, security and legitimacy. You choose which provider(s) you purchase your virtual machines from and you can switch at any time. Manage these providers yourself or outsource management to SURF.

  • SURFdashboard
    All SURFnet services at a glance

    Service/product - SURFdashboard offers an overview of all SURFnet services. Institution's contact persons can sign up for services and change contact persons. You can also view monthly reports on the services that your institution utilises.

  • SURFdomeinen
    Register and manage domain names yourself

    Service/product - The online SURFdomeinen service makes it easy for ICT administrators to register and migrate Internet domains and to manage the DNS.

  • SURFdrive
    Secure file storage and files haring

    Service/product - SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch education and research community, offering students and staff an easy way to store, synchronise and share files in the secure and reliable SURF community cloud.

  • SURFfilesender
    Send and receive large files quickly, safely and easily

    Service/product - Want to send and receive files quickly, safely and easily? With SURFfilesender, users can send large files such as research data. SURFfilesender is also suitable for smaller files, such as reports. The files are stored in the Netherlands. Encryption offers extra security.

  • SURFinternet
    Connected with education and research worldwide

    Service/product - SURFinternet offers Dutch education and research institutions a fast and reliable Internet connection of 1 to 100 GB/s. With SURFinternet, all users in the education and research communities are connected to each other and can collaborate nationally and internationally.