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Available services and products: 57

  • SURFinternetpinnen
    Use your PIN via IP: easy & secure

    Service/product - SURFinternetpinnen makes managing PIN and electronic payment systems more easy. Traffic to and from these machines travels over the SURFnet network, which makes separate connections superfluous.

  • SURFlichtpaden
    Customise your network connections

    Service/product - Do you need an ultra-fast, extremely reliable connection to another institution, data centre, service provider or different destination? SURFlichtpaden enables you to create an exclusive and direct connection outside the boundaries of the public Internet. Light paths offer additional security, reliability, and high capacity – guaranteed.

  • SURFmailfilter
    Filter your e-mail for viruses, spam and phishing

    Service/product - SURFmailfilter gives connected institutions an easy way of checking all their incoming and outgoing e-mail and filtering it for viruses, phishing and spam. SURFmailfilter detects at least 95% of spam. SURFmailfilter runs at SURFnet and is available for IPv4 and IPv6.

  • SURFopzichter
    Monitor real-time internet services

    Service/product - ICT administrators use SURFopzichter (‘SURF Supervisor’) to monitor – online and in real time – the performance and availability of Internet services, for example websites and e-mail facilities.

  • SURFsecureID
    Extra protection for online services with a second factor

    Service/product - SURFsecureID helps make access to online services even more secure with two-factor authentication: the user logs in with their username/password along with a second factor such as a SMS text message or USB key. This is particularly important for services with sensitive data. SURFsecureID is the new name for SURFconext Strong Authentication.

  • SURFsharekit
    Store and share publications, theses and educational resources

    Service/product - SURFsharekit is a repository service for universities of applied sciences and provides institutions with the opportunity to permanently store and make available research publications, theses and educational resources.

  • SURFspace
    Samenwerken aan ICT-innovatie

    Service/product - SURFspace is the online community relating to ICT innovation for and by professionals in education and research in the Netherlands. The site is intended for anyone who wishes to promote this kind of innovation using ICT in education and research.

  • SURFspot
    Smart deals for education

    Service/product - SURFspot is the ICT webshop where students and staff can order items such as software and hardware for use at home, at favourable prices. To enable this facility, SURFmarket concludes agreements with suppliers.

  • SURFwireless
    Wi-Fi as a Service, reliable and of high quality

    Service/product - Your users expect a fast Wi-Fi network that is available any time, any place. Purchasing and maintaining such a network requires a great deal of time and expertise. SURFwireless is now offering Wi-Fi as a Service, a reliable, high quality Wi-Fi network. You pay per access point per month.

  • tiqr
    Secure log-in using your smartphone

    Service/product - Tiqr enables users to log into a website safely and easily. Users can authenticate themselves by scanning a QR code. In other words, they no longer have to enter a user name and password. Tiqr is open source software which you can integrate into your own website.

  • Training courses
    Hands-on systems training courses for research

    Service/product - Want to get started with our systems but lack the necessary knowledge? We regularly organize hands-on systems training courses at our offices in Utrecht and Amsterdam or in situ at your education or research institution. Have a look at the overview and let us know which training course you are interested in by emailing us at

  • Visualisation
    Scalable and powerful remote visualisation

    Service/product - Our Visualisation service allows you to visualise your own datasets on your desktop. This makes it easy to identify connections between data or gain other insight into your datasets. SURFsara offers a powerful remote visualisation service that combines high performance with ease of use.