Purchasing services from SURFmarket

SURFmarket buys ICT products at the best possible conditions and makes them available via the My SURFmarket and SURFspot portals. In addition, SURFmarket carries out legally required tendering processes, enabling you to use ICT resources at the lowest possible rate.

Tendering and outsourcing

Members enter into an outsourcing relationship with SURF for the services (core package and optional services) that SURF offers. This means that members do not have to tender for these services themselves. More about tendering procedures

My SURFmarket

With the My SURFmarket portal, institutions affiliated with SURFmarket manage their portfolio of products and services. The portal helps you discover, order, use and manage your service portfolio via SURFmarket.

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Learn more about the procurement services of SURF? Read more on our page about joint procurement.

Which SURFmarket services are covered by the outsourcing relationship?

The services provided by SURFmarket that fall within the scope of the outsourcing relationship, involving mediation for the members, allow them to purchase services and software on the best terms. However, these services and software products themselves do not fall under the outsourcing relationship. It may therefore be the case that an institution is obliged to tender for services and software for which SURFmarket mediates.

With regard to software and cloud services included in SURFmarket's core package, it has been agreed with the institutions that SURFmarket will assume responsibility for the institutions' legitimacy. 

Institutions pay for the performance of all activities relating to the purchase of this core package. A large proportion of the services are paid for on the basis of the rate set per institution in SURFmarket's Service Agreement. For a number of services in the core package, institutions will be charged an additional amount in the event of purchase.

Can SURF bid in an institution's public tender?

No. SURF is not a market participant and will not bid for a public tender, regardless of whether or not the contracting authority is a member of SURF.

Is SURF itself a contracting organisation?