Purchasing services from SURFnet

SURFnet's high-quality network services are available to institutions for scientific research and higher education, and to other institutions funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Schools for primary and secondary education and cultural institutions can use the SURFnet network via service providers.

Who may use SURFnet services?

SURFnet offers services to institutions that belong to its target group

  • universities
  • universities of applied sciences (HBO)
  • senior secondary vocational education institutions (MBO)
  • healthcare institutions (academic hospitals and STZ hospitals)
  • research institutions
  • research departments of companies
  • libraries
  • other institutions financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Purchasing SURFnet services

Each institution connected to SURFnet pays a purchases a basic fee. This fee allows you to use a number of SURFnet services, including full Internet connectivity. The level of the basic fee varies per sector. In addition to the services covered in the basic fee, there are services that your institution can purchase at additional costs.

You can purchase SURFnet services by contacting SURFnet Customer Support, via klantsupport@surfnet.nl.

    Which SURFnet services are covered by the SURFnet connection charge, and which are not?

    SURFnet connection charge

    The following SURFnet services are covered by the SURFnet basic fee. This means that you do not pay any additional costs for them.

    Optional services

    For the following services you pay additional costs if you purchase them:

    SURFnet connection for schools and cultural institutions

    As it is not feasible for SURF to serve all institutions funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, two service provider models have been developed;

    • The Education Service Providers (ESP) model for primary and secondary schools, and
    • The Cultural Service Provider (CSP) model for cultural institutions.

    An ESP or CSP can request a connection to the SURFnet network by contacting SURF Customer Support, via customersupport@surf.nl. Any internet service provider (ISP) or other institution or company can act as ESP or CSP. This party is authorised to transfer the Internet traffic of institutions that fall within the target group of SURFnet to the SURFnet network on equal terms. ESPs and CSPs will not have access to our other services; they provide their own services to schools and cultural institutions.


    Does your institution already use SURFnet's services? Then please refer to SURFdashboard. This self-service web portal provides information about SURFnet services and allows institutional contact personss to request and change services. You will also find monthly reports on the services that your institution purchases.

    Service Level Specification SURFnet

    The Service Level Specification (SLS) (pdf) is intended to provide institutions connected to SURFnet with a reference point for SURFnet's services. In the SLS, SURFnet describes its services as clearly and measurably as possible. NetherLight has its own Service Level Specification)

    Current version

    Vorige versies

    NetherLight Service Level Specification

    NetherLight has its own Service Level Specificatie (versie 3.0, maart 2016) (pdf, Engels)