Purchasing services from SURFsara

Besides SURF members, also knowledge institutions, NWO institutes, and all KNAW institutes can use SURFsara services free of charge. SURF members are charged a special rate for making the services available to researchers within the institution. We can make a customised offer for other research institutions and the business community.

Using SURFsara services

An overview of all our services for compute and data can be found under Research & ICT. Contact us via info@surfsara.nl to to use the services of SURFsara.

ISO 27001 certification

Customers of our services must be confident that research data and other confidential information stored and processed at SURFsara are in safe hands. SURFsara is ISO 27001 certified. What this means is that we comply with the high requirements of this international standard in the field of information security.

The Terms of Delivery of SURFsara

Version 1 (pdf, May 2016, in Dutch) of the SURFsara general terms and conditions apply to contracts concluded before 16 October 2019.

Version 1.2 (pdf, 16 October 2019, in Dutch) of the SURFsara General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements (including renewals) concluded as of 16 October 2019.