Renewed cooperation with members

Digital transformation with education and research. This requires committed members and an efficient organisation. The year 2020 was characterised by the new Board, renewed cooperation with our members, an internal reorganisation and more efficient management of the cooperative.

Roadmap SURF 2Jarenplan

From and for members

SURF is a cooperative and therefore of and for its members. In 2019, it became clear that our educational and research institutions did not identify with SURF as well as they should. Institutions want to be better involved in strategic choices. And SURF's impact needed to be more visible. Together with its members, SURF implemented important changes in 2020. Together but not at the same time' is a good way of describing the renewed collaboration within SURF. Of course, there are differences between and within the sectors. But there are also many common goals. These are now being given a proper place in the cooperative's plans, something that was immediately marked by the way in which the SURF 2-year plan 2021-2022 was drawn up. Both the process and the final plan were important milestones in 2020, with an impact that extends many years further.

Realisation of SURF 2-Year Plan 2021-2022

2020 was the year when, together with the members, we drew up a 2-year plan for the first time. Never before had the members been so closely involved. Each sector set clear priorities. But not only within, but also between the sectors the discussion about the cooperative's course took place. And that resulted in a clear and broadly supported 2-year plan. It is clear what we are going to do, but also what we are not going to do or no longer going to do. The associated finances are also clear. No surprises and optimal transparency.

We will realise our common ambitions within 7 themes:

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Hoofdartikel SURF Magazine december 2020_

More about the 2-Year Plan

In December 2020, ScienceGuide interviewed Jet de Ranitz and Jan Lintsen (chair of SURF's Members' Council) about the 2-Year Plan, among other things.

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SURF Magazine devoted the lead article in December 2020 to the 2-Year Plan: What will we do as a cooperative in 2021 and 2022?

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The renewed SURF

The changes also called for adjustments to the structure of SURF's organisation. SURF gained a new Supervisory Board and a new Executive Board (see below).  In 2021, we will be working with the members on a new strategic course for SURF. The new strategy will reflect the new SURF, even more so than the 2-Year Plan.

Organisation chart SURF

Afbeelding organogram SURF

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New board of directors

SURF got a new Board of Directors in 2020, consisting of Jet de Ranitz (CEO), Hans Louwhoff (COO) and Ron Augustus (CINO). In an interview for SURF Magazine (September 2020) they highlighted their first impressions, challenges and ambitions.

Read the interview (in Dutch)

Raad van bestuur SURF