SURF, CERN and Intel enable complex research with AI on existing infrastructure

Ron Augustus (chief innovation officer SURF) and Valeriu Codreanu, (Head of High Performance Computing & Visualisation ) in discussion about SURF's collaboration with CERN and Intel. They discuss the benefits of working with the market to come up with the best AI solutions for applications that are relevant to SURF's members.

Neural network

Accelerating large-scale simulations on existing infrastructure using AI

Valeriu Codreanu talks about the collaboration with CERN and Intel in which we are developing methods to greatly accelerate large-scale simulations. We train large-scale AI systems using existing HPC infrastructure, already available in many data centres. In this way, we are showing the market how complex research can be performed without additional investments. 


SURF is a leader when it comes to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in research. We are also looking at the possibilities of AI and machine learning in education and for central ICT services. For this, we work together with institutions, researchers and suppliers.

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